Starting your learn to skydive journey can be challenging and a whole lot of excitement. We follow one of 1300SKYDIVE's recent students through the phases of training from:

  • Course enrolment and online theory
  • Indoor skydive AFF wind tunnel training
  • Stage 1 ground training at the skydiving centre
  • Graduation day and the start of your learn to skydive journey - your first solo skydive

Matthew started out by enrolling at and working his way through the stage 1 AFF theory in his own time. This allows students to become familiarised with the information they will need in preparation for ground training school.

1300SKYDIVE highly recommends that the optional add on "AFF indoor skydive training package" be done prior to stages 3 and 4 AFF. Matthew chose to do his indoor skydive training prior to the ground training and his first stage 1 skydive.

Optional AFF Indoor Skydiving package

You can see Matthew working on some drills, body position and fall rate during his 20min AFF tunnel package. This is the equivalent of 25 outdoor skydive student jumps. For information on this modern new way to learn to skydive contact [email protected] and start your learn to skydive journey today.

AFF Tunnel training

1300SKYDIVE also has a short online theory that is completed prior to doing your AFF indoor skydive training to maximise your learning and skills development.

Stage 1 Ground Training at the skydiving centre

With online theory completed and 20min AFF focused indoor skydiving training under his belt Matthew heads to the skydiving centre for a days ground training.

At the skydiving centre you will take part in a variety of classroom lecture, practical training drills and equipment familiarisation.

The day after your ground training its graduation day and time for your first solo skydive, your AFF stage 1 jump.

You will checkin at manifest for your jump and then get a gear up call. You will meet your two jump masters who fit you with your equipment. Your JM's will run through some drills to watch you demonstrate your ground training skills, keywords, normal and emergency procedures and will require 100%. Once your JM's are happy its the short walk to the aircraft and that exhilarating heart stopping flight as you head for you exit altitude of up to 14,000ft.

Thinking about starting your journey to learn to skydive ? 1300SKYDIVE and our friendly team of professional instructors and skydiving locations can get you started. Call 1300SKYDIVE today (1300 759 348) or email [email protected]

See you in the sky soon for your ultimate adventure.